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Enter the Chevy Prize Haul for a chance to fish with the Wolf Pack!

Enter the Chevy Prize Haul for a chance to fish with the Wolf Pack!

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Find Your Trail.

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Common Sense About Deer Scents
The woods will be doused with delusions of grandeur over the next few weeks as mature whitetail bucks all believe they are the King of the Forest and hunters fortunate enough to shoot a big buck with a bow think Fred Bear simply had a good publicist. Bucks have busy rubbing trees and scraping the forest floor now in an annual rite of autumn which has been going on for thousands of years. The antlered ones are now chasing does willy-nilly virtually round-the clock with little concern for bowhunters-or Buicks. With each passing year my appreciation for a mature buck's survival savvy grow...
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Locating and Landing Late Fall Largemouths from Shore
As the days shorten and the water begins to cool many have put up their boats as the open water season begins to slow down. However for those still looking to bag that last pre-ice trophy, many great days of fishing are still available. Finding these fish can be difficult, but with a little knowledge, and some lures that cover the entire water column you can effectively target America's favorite fish from the shoreline as your boat is nestled safely away from the upcoming winter elements. First off lets talk late fall bass location. My favorite fall "hot spots" all have 3 things in ... read more
Hunt Buck With Less Stress
Hunt Buck With Less Stress
by Scott Stankowski
Every hunter has been dreaming about it. Every hunter has been wishfully thinking. There are no two ways about it, the rut is here. Hunters will seemingly do just about anything and everything to get them within range of a deer. Hunters that were successful in the past bank on those tactics to work again in the future. Those that have not had success ever or as of late dig into the seemingly endless bag of tricks that friends or complete strangers have stumbled across. I for one agree with this much; you have to spend time in the woods to become successful. Other than that there is no... read more
Being versatile when ice fishing is often times key to coming up with a bucket full of crappies or bucket full of "what might have been." Sure, a person can be complacent and sit and jig one hole but it is the rare occasion when a school is big enough, or the bait tasty enough, to have your Friday fish fry at home. So is the case on Lake Winnebago - to succeed, an angler has to be mobile, and fast at changing baits to figure out what will get bit. That happened when Matt Bichanich headed on the ice to film an ice-segment for Midwest Outdoors last year. He, and professional guide Larry ... read more
Catch A Bunch In The Fall
I got to fishing again this past week. My friend Mike Gottheardt and I were chasing smallmouth bass on a river in eastern Wisconsin. We caught'em good: Lots of smallmouth and some nice ones. Nothing that would be considered a trophy, but some healthy bass that fought hard and jumped and were just fun to catch. The thing is, at this time of year, anyone can get in on some really, really good fishing. Whatever you want to catch, now is a good time to do so. If you want to have a walleye or a bass or a panfish put a bend in your rod, you can make that happen right now. Here's how. T... read more

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Thursday December 4 - Sunday December 14
Captain's Class OUPV Inland & Great Lakes
Friday December 5 - Sunday December 14
Captain's Class OUPV Inland & Great Lakes
Saturday January 3
Ice Fishing Rumble
Friday January 9 - Sunday January 18
Captain's Class OUPV Inland & Great Lakes
Saturday January 17
Musser Lake Ice Fishing Contest
Sunday January 18
Yellowstone Lake Fisharee
Saturday February 7
Ice Fishing Rumble
Saturday February 14
Ice Fishing Jamboree
Saturday February 21
American Birkebeiner
Saturday February 21
The Jig's Up
Saturday February 28
Ice Fishing Rumble
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Coho Salmon caught by adam olson
Coho Salmon caught by adam olson

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